Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the FOB (Free On Board) value ?

FOB value is the purchase value of goods exclusive of transportation costs from the boarding place to its destination.

2. What is freight value ?

Freight value is the transportation cost of a cargo from the boarding place to its place of landing.

3. What is the insurance value ?

It is the insurance amount which covers the entire transportation process of the cargo, including ancillary transport by land, sea, river or air.

4. Bill of lading / BL (Bill of lading) ?

Also called loading note or bill of lading, it is the document accompanying any maritime transport of goods. It serves as a transport contract and constitutes proof of the loading of the goods while establishing the responsibility of the contractors.

5. I can't find the type of vehicle or product I want to import what to do ?

Use a similar product and or complete the contact form.

6. Where to find the weight of my goods ?

The weight of the goods is indicated on the BL / Bill of Lading or the LTA (Air Waybill).

7. Where to find the FOB, FRET and Insurance values of my goods ?

These values are indicated on the commercial invoice between the customer and his supplier.

8. Where can I find the cylinder capacity of my vehicle? ?

The engine capacity of the vehicle is indicated on its gray card and is expressed in cm3. It corresponds to the P1 code on the European gray cards.

9. How to perform a simulation ?

  • Connect to the following link :
  • Click on the “simulate now” button
  • Select the type of operation to be carried out (export, import, transit export, transit import)
  • Click on the “continue” button
  • Select the product category to import or export
  • Follow the simulation form until you obtain an estimate of your royalties, duties and taxes